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A Brand-New Automobile Experience with HMG’s Open Data Platform


Hyundai Motor Group's open platform will enrich the future mobility era.

The connected car is an exciting development, full of the newest technologies that will enrich users’ lives. Close collaboration with the companies that provide automobile-related services is necessary in order to provide more advanced connected car services. Accordingly, HMG has unveiled its own open platform to enable various partners to use vehicle data in the provision of advanced services.

Starting the smart mobility era with an open platform

Travel data collected from the vehicle is processed to be used by partners.

The platform analyzes the vehicle’s driving history and alerts the driver when to refuel, provides tips on saving insurance premiums and collects bonus points that can be used at shops. Due to COVID-19, touchless services including at-home car wash services that involve zero face-to-face contact are becoming the new norm. In addition to developing its own connected car services such as Hyundai Motor BlueLink, Kia Motors UVO and GENESIS Connected Services which provide remote access, security and maintenance of a vehicle, HMG also supports partners with exceptional ideas and technical capabilities to develop car-related services. HMG’s open vehicle data platform consists of Hyundai Developers, Kia Developers and GENESIS Developers.

HMGʼs open platform provides operating data such as cumulative mileage, remaining gas and driving habits collected from the vehicle in the Application Interface Programming (API) format for partners to use. The purpose of sharing the data is to enhance customer value, and it is only shared with partners if the customer agrees.

HMGʼs first open platform, Hyundai Developers

Hyundai Developers is the first open platform introduced by HMG.

In October 2019, Hyundai Motor launched HMGʼs first open platform, Hyundai Developers. By providing data related to vehicle specifications, status and driving records collected from millions of connected cars and maintenance networks, it creates a new business environment that enables partners to develop services and products for the future. Hyundai Motor also launched connected car services with four leading startups which are expected to kickstart the platform’s utilization, with the potential to create a new trend.

A part of the long-term strategy ”Plan S,” Kia Developers

Free data access will be the driving force behind the growth of mobility service providers.

Kia Motors is pursuing Plan S, a strategy to lead new areas of the automobile industry. The company pursues to create synergies with partners as it invests in future-oriented businesses such as Kia Developers, a connected car service. If Kia Developers matures, free data access will grant opportunities for service providers to create more services. For the customers’ part, they will accumulate more experience on connected cars.

Creating new value for customers, “GENESIS Developers”

GENESIS Developers leverages a variety of connected car data to provide customers with new experience.

GENESIS Developers was launched in May in order to provide a wide range of convenient services for customers, further strengthening the brand experience GENESIS vehicles provide. GENESIS Developers is expected to increase customer value and play a major role in fostering an ecosystem for the connected car business. Expectations are running high over what type of innovative services and benefits that fit a premium brand vehicle could be created.

A mini interview

Hyundai shows differentiated connected car service through not only its own effort, but also collaboration with service providers.

The following is an interview with representatives of three companies that have developed connected car service applications on HMG’s open platform.

[Insurance and finance] “Smart automobile insurance,” Deputy General Manager Jae-whang Yu of Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance

Q. What kind of service did Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance develop in partnership with HMG Developers?

We launched a usage-based insurance (UBI) for connected cars on the HMG open platform last year. We analyze driving style using the vehicle operation data and provide a discount on insurance premiums. Data is exchanged between us and the drivers using the API provided in the open platform, making it easy to purchase our service.

Q. What kind of big data and information is used for your service?

In the past, UBI could be sold only if it was coupled with mobile phone navigation apps, which only provide information on the routes and the total distance driven. However, our UBI is the first product of its kind, which utilizes the driving style information collected through the onboard connected car system. We created a driver scoring system based on driving style, including hard acceleration, hard braking and time of operation and our own data set. We offer a 5% discount on our insurance premiums for drivers who score higher than 70 points out of 100.

Q. How are customers responding to the insurance product linked to the connected car service?

Customer response has been largely positive regarding the discount and about the ease of purchase. In the past, customers had to submit paperwork and photos in order to qualify for any discount. Connected car service makes the whole process much simpler. Since qualification for the discount is determined using the data via the API offered on the open platform, customers appreciate that they no longer need to deal with the hassle of any paperwork.

Q. Is there any new service currently in development?

First, we plan to improve the existing UBI product already available on the market. We plan to incorporate more connected car data into our product and offer improved services to our customers. As insurance customers increasingly prefer online interactions, their expectations are also increasing. We plan to strengthen collaboration with HMG Developers platform operators to bring further improvements and develop new products.

[Vehicle management] – “One App to do it all,” CEO Gi-poong Kim of Macarong Factory

Q. How does the Mycle service work?

Mycle is a mobile service designed to help drivers conveniently maintain their vehicles. Drivers can check the maintenance records with ease and are alerted about maintenance needs. Mycle also serves as a gateway to the driver community and is full of useful information.

Q. What were the benefits of working with the Developers?

In the past, drivers had to type in vehicle mileage in order to enter new fueling and maintenance records. Thanks to the connected car data, which is updated in real time, the mileage information is now updated automatically. Accurate mileage information increases the average fuel efficiency and alerts for parts replacement more accurate as well.

Q. What are the key merits of HMG Developers?

Most open platforms only allow service developers to use a set number of functions. However, HMG Developers is willing to support development of new functions for customers, allowing developers like us to improve the existing functions and create new ones for the benefit of customers.

Q. Are you working on any new services at the moment, using the open platform?

We are working to expand the scope of maintenance functions for EVs and FCEVs, for example by recommending charging stations based on charge level and automatically making appointments for maintenance in the case of low tire pressure.

[Driving information] “Automatically updating mileage information” CEO Myung-ho Yeo of WeDrive

Q. What kind of service does WeDrive provide?

It encourages drivers to drive safely and rewards them for good driving behavior. Drivers can earn bonus points for safe driving, which can be used at coffee shops and convenience stores.

Q. What were the benefits of collaboration with HMG Developers?

Previously, WeDrive only had a single function – providing bonus points for safe driving behavior. By linking it to connected car data, WeDrive is now capable of accurately displaying the distance driven and remaining range and recommending relevant services such as car wash, maintenance and refueling.

Q. What sets HMG Developers apart from others?

First off, vehicle information can be updated in real time which made the development of automobile services so much easier. Because the user base of the established connected car service is already considerable, the real time update will make it easier to attract new users.

Q. Are there any plans to launch new services?

We plan to copromote an extra bonus point event with other companies. We are also preparing a bonus point giveaway event for drivers who visit certain destinations.

Text by. Jong-in Choi
Design by. Gang-gun Mun