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All about FCEV – 4
FCEVs on the Roads


How far have the ultimately eco-friendly Fuel Cell Vehicles (FCEVs) come? Here's how developed they are.

Clean hydrogen fuel will change industries and societies. Then How far have the ultimately eco-friendly Fuel Cell Vehicles (FCEVs) come? Here’s an evaluation of FCEV development, including hydrogen trucks and buses.

The first commercially produced hydrogen fuel cell vehicle?

Tucson ix Fuel Cell is the first commercially produced hydrogen fuel cell automobile, revealed in 2013. The Tucson ix Fuel Cell offers a driving range of 415 km and is equipped with Hyundai’s latest 100 kW fuel cell stacks.

FCEVs by Other Automakers

Other automakers also showcased their commercial FCEVs. The Toyota Mirai and the Honda Clarity, both hydrogen-powered sedans, have ranges of 502km and 589km on a single fill of hydrogen, respectively.

Nexo | Hyundai’s Second-generation of Commercialized FCEV

The 2018 Hyundai Nexo is the most powerful FCEV in the market. It has an EPA rated range of 611km, and it is the first FCEV tested by the European New Car Assessment Program.

Nexo FCEV Wins a Spot in 2019 WardsAuto 10 Best Engines

Hyundai has taken two out of the ten spots in the 2019 WardsAuto 10 Best Engine competition with the Nexo FCEV and Tucson ix Fuel Cell.

Commercial FCEV Developments in Japan and China

Commercial FCEVs are also under rapid development. Toyota in Japan is about to utilize its hydrogen-powered buses and trucks, and hundreds of fuel-cell city buses are available in China’s pilot cities.

Commercial FCEV Developments in the U.S and Europe

In the U.S, 26 fuel cell bus makers participate in EPA’s Fuel Cell Bus Commercialization Plans, and European countries explore cooperation to supply hydrogen-powered buses.

Hyundai Motor Group’s Commercial FCEV Development

Hyundai Motor Group plans to provide 1,000 heavy-duty fuel cell electric trucks for the Swiss hydrogen company H2 Energy by 2023. Hyundai will also supply 35 hydrogen-powered buses, which were revealed in a World Environment Day event back in June.

Partnerships between Global FCEV Manufacturers

Global automakers are establishing partnerships to develop FCEVs for the future.