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Channel Hyundai Unveils The New Tucson


With the new Tucson unveiled, Hyundai Motor Company has recently launched a global platform to help viewers discover their products much more vividly. Here are the detailed key features of the New Tucson showcased on Channel Hyundai.

Hyundai Motor Company unveiled the fourth-generation Tucson to the public. The event was held online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it was quite different from any other online events. It was streamed live on ‘Channel Hyundai’ which was also the automaker’s new platform to debut.

Join Channel Hyundai through smart TVs and websites on smartphones or computers.

Channel Hyundai is the automaker’s smart TV-based global streaming platform. It is similar to Netflix but contains everything about the automaker. It was not only one of their strategies to skyrocket their brand awareness during the COVID-19 pandemic, but also a new way for the company to communicate with their customers.

If you go to Channel Hyundai through smart TVs or the internet, you can take a look at all of Hyundai’s products in detail and enjoy brand-related video clips. Currently, there are a total of three menus: Live, which allows viewers to watch Hyundai’s major events live, TV, which features all the automaker’s brand information, and Models, which provides a detailed look of the new cars. The most notable of these is the ‘Models’ menu, which allows viewers to see and compare the key specs and options of the new car, which were not easily accessible through a paper catalog. So what does the new Tucson look like in Channel Hyundai? Through Channel Hyundai, let’s take a look at the key features of the new Tucson.

Dynamic New Tucson

Channel Hyundai allows you to take a closer look at the main specs through the Model Menu.

The Model menu provides specifications of the product. An image consisting of three-dimensional graphics allows you to take a closer look at each model as if it is right in front of you. When you move to the menu, the fourth-generation Tucson turns on the Hidden Lamp, which was literally hidden at both ends of the Parametric Jewel Pattern Grille, and delivers a strong impression. The first screen shows the latest model and brief product information. The highest power output of 187 horsepower and combined fuel efficiency of 14.8km/l are the figures of the Smartstream diesel 2.0 engine. The new Tucson offers choices of three different kinds of engines, from the Smartstream 1.6 turbo hybrid engine to the Smartstream gasoline 1.6 turbo engine, which improves power performance and fuel efficiency competitiveness.

You can easily see the difference between each trim.

Select the vehicle you want at the bottom of the screen, and it will take you to the next screen where you can take a look at the detailed specs. When you select Tucson and press ‘Explore’ on the screen, it will show you two Tucsons. The two are with different trims each; Modern trim on the left and Inspiration trim on the right. The body shades are different – red and gray respectively, but you can feel the harmony from the softly curved bonnet and bold radiator grille in both cars. Above the two cars read the key features of the trim. Three-dimensional graphics also confirm that Modern trim has a projector headlamp, while Inspiration trim houses LED headlamps and tail lamps.

Exterior: Dynamic Yet Sensuous

Headlamps as being part of the radiator grille enhance uniformity and make a neat impression.

Now it’s time to click Next to take a closer look at the Tucson. Parametric Jewel Pattern Grill glows as the light touches, like a delicately crafted jewel, and the hidden lamps at both ends light up when the engine starts and act as a daytime running light.

The deep character line makes each side look different depending on the reflection.

The new Tucson has a more innovative and intense aspect with Hyundai’s design identity, “Sensuous Sportiness.” The three-dimensional graphic shows Tucson’s bold line as it is in the scene where it skips through the front and side. The ratio is also slimmer than before. This is because the length of the body and the base of the wheel are 150mm and 85mm longer respectively than the previous ones, while the front overhang (distance from the end of the vehicle to the center of the wheel) is 15mm shorter. In addition, wheels vary in size and design from 17 inches to 19 inches depending on trim. Of course, if you use Channel Hyundai, you can see the changes you made.

From the back, the LED tail lamps that start with the C pillar and cross the tailgate stand out.

The new Tucson has a strong front and a future-oriented side, while the back is strong. This is due to the LED tail lamps that are connected horizontally. The tail lamp also has hidden lamp technology, so when you turn on the light, a hidden triangle appears. The final step in exterior designing from the Model menu is the color selection. You can guess what it looks like by changing colors according to your taste. Four new colors have been added to the fourth-generation Tucson: Shimmering Silver, Titan Grey, Crimson Red, and Amazon Gray, and a total of six colors will be prepared, including phantom black and white cream.

Spacious Interior Beyond Its Segment

Using Tucson’s tailgate is convenient because it can adjust the opening angle to suit each driver’s physical differences.

If you have looked at the exterior parts of the headlamp, wheel, tail lamp, and color, you can check the interior from Step 5. First of all, it is to adjust the angle of the tailgate and see the interior load space. The user can set the Tucson’s Power Tailgate angle and speed. You may set them through the infotainment screen and can see the change in how the Power Tailgate opens in different angle settings. The detailed setting of the Power Tailgate is a very useful feature in SUVs where luggage space utilization is important.

The new Tucson also has excellent space utilization thanks to its optimized design that uses the 3rd-generation platform. In particular, the second-row bridge space is the largest in its class (+80mm), and the Fold & Dive function, in which the second-row seats are folded down, has increased the convenience of using the space. In Channel Hyundai, the expanded interior space can be checked from the sides and the rear, so the actual usable space can be measured.

The Interior: Wide-Open Yet Convenient

Open clusters and dashboards provide a sense of openness.

Moving on to Step 6, the screen now shows the driver’s seat. It is vivid enough to make us think as if we are sitting in a car in an actual exhibition hall. Here, you can preview the changes depending on the choice of options by changing the colors of seats and doors. Among the total of four colors, black, indigo, brown, and gray, you can see that they have different charms, such as a bright, clean, or cozy feeling.

The new Tucson’s open-type digital cluster not only delivers a variety of information accurately but also helps provide a pleasant forward view. The center fascia (central control unit), which incorporates a 10.25-inch infotainment system and digital air conditioning devices, provides advanced images and convenience like tablet PCs. The thin silver garnish, which runs from the center fascia to the rear door, also provides a sense of continuity, giving Tucson a visual effect that makes the interior look much more spacious.

The Blind-spot View Monitor enhances driving safety by making the driver focus on the front when changing lanes.

The new Tucson is also equipped with state-of-the-art intelligent safety and convenience features. Examples include a ‘blind spot view monitor’ showing a rear-side blind spot through a digital cluster, Multi Collision Brake, and Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist and Lane Keeping Assist. Of course, you can also choose the latest equipment such as Safe Exit Warning, Rear Occupant Alert, Navigation-based Smart Cruise Control, and Remote Smart Parking Assist.

Based on the new third-generation platform, the new Tucson offers a refreshing driving performance.

If you have finished learning detailed specs of the interior and the exterior of Tucson, you will see a video clip that allows you to see how it feels like to drive the vehicle. Based on the third-generation platform, the new Tucson realized a high-strength lightweight body, securing both lightweight and collision safety. It also improved basic performances such as handling, quietness, and braking performance.

If you’ve looked at all of Tucson’s key options, you can get additional information from the related video clip.

For your information, if you have finished touring the vehicle, you can check the details of the vehicle, such as design and engineering features through the feature category. In addition to Live, TV, and the Model Menu, Channel Hyundai is also planning additional services related to purchases and product consultations.

Channel Hyundai is the product of Hyundai’s efforts to provide the services customers need during the Corona 19 pandemic.

Channel Hyundai is a media platform that enables two-way communication. Customers can get information about the brand and cars anytime and anywhere – without having to visit the exhibition hall. Through Channel Hyundai, we recommend you to take a look at the new Tucson and experience it in a new, different way.

Visit Channel Hyundai through the website or smart TVs: Samsung Electronics Tizen OS version 3.0 or higher, and LG Electronics with webOS 3.5 or higher, manufactured later than 2017.