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Ever Glowing Kia Sorento

Being loved by everyone would be one of the most difficult things - except for the Kia Sorento. It shows what a true all-rounder is.

Why are all-rounders being loved day regardless of the segment or genre? It’s probably because they are not just for one type of place or occasion. Perhaps the all-rounder is what a competitive society created.

It would be safe to say that Kia Motors’ 4th-generation Sorento is an all-rounder in the automotive market. For example, as a family-friendly SUV, its cabin is spacious and comfortable, boasting nimble handling and dynamic off-road capabilities based on a 4WD drive system.

Sorento has been a family SUV representing Kia Motors from the beginning, and the model has been that way for 20 years. And yet, evolution and innovation also have been repeated as well. And after several times of quenching and maturation, Sorento was able to be born as an SUV with not only basic features but also universality.

Of course, it cannot satisfy everyone. But still, the look of Sorento clearly tells us that it was created for family men who want a family SUV. Being conventional and unconventional at the same time, the modern and masculine design features sophisticated looks.

Unlike the previous generation Sorento whose smooth lines stand out, the fourth-generation Sorento emphasizes robust power through its edges. The radiator grille, depicting a tiger’s nose, became a symbol of Sorento. Each detail around the body is combined to create a grand yet stylish atmosphere.

Sorento is a space-focused SUV. However, it never sacrificed the sensibility that the driver could enjoy. Rather, the center fascia, utilizing its individuality with a three-dimensional effect, is breaking the stereotype that family SUVs should play safe. In addition, two wide displays that extend left and right give a high-tech image. The sleek dial shift instead of a standing gear knob gives it a luxurious sensibility that ordinary family SUVs don’t usually house.

What about the driving performance, the essence of a car? On the road, Sorento uses the strong torque coming from a 2.2-liter diesel engine to gently manipulate the massive body. Even after raising the speed to a certain extent, it felt just so easy to drive under the clear sky. Anyone in Sorento will surely be able to feel the pleasure of driving on straight roads.

Just as fun, safety is also an essential virtue. Sorento provides abundant ADAS technologies to guide drivers on their way to their destinations more comfortably and safely. The safety equipment closely monitors the driving situation and intervenes immediately when a dangerous moment occurs, to protect the safety of the driver and passengers.

The pleasure of rich space is inextricably linked to Sorento. As it is a family SUV, it is required to be comfortable even during long-distance travels. The exceptional comfort that comes from the huge 4.8-meter long body and the three-row seat configuration is a privilege that only traditional family SUVs like the Sorento can offer.

Sorento, boasting its presence even in a serene landscape, provides comfort even on a country road. Sorento, which offers both exciting and smooth driving, is an ideal family SUV crafted for both on and off roads. Its unique character and presence were created for quite some time, for four generations.

While enjoying a day with Sorento, Kia’s flagship SUV, it sometimes looked firm, sometimes solid, and sometimes warm. Sorento has taught me what a true all-rounder is, which uncovers its values at any moment.

Photography by Choi DaeIl, Kim Beomseok