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Meet Automotive Technology at M.Tech Gallery, the Exhibition Hall of Hyundai MOBIS Mabuk R&D Center


Introducing M.Tech Gallery of Hyundai MOBIS's Mabuk Research Institute where you can experience the core technology of Hyundai MOBIS and eco-friendly concept car M.Vision S.

Hosted within the Hyundai MOBIS Mabuk R&D center, the M.Tech Gallery showcases the company’s most advanced technologies. The gallery displays autonomous driving technology, a prime example of the 4th industrial revolution, electrification technology, as well as lamps and chassis safety technologies created by Hyundai MOBIS’s R&D programs. The recently completed renovation works added 3D breakdown diagrams, videos and large-scale objects, making it a great place for experiencing the core technologies of the future.

Providing a comprehensive experience of Hyundai MOBIS’s technological capacity

Visitors can get the information they want using the digital kiosks located in each zone.

Even the most advanced technologies can fail to realize their full potential if people find them difficult to understand. In this regard, the Hyundai MOBIS M.Tech Gallery’s recent renovation is a big success. The first major renovation was completed eight years after the gallery’s establishment and introduced more experience-oriented materials, an upgrade from the previous text and image-based materials.

For example, the gallery has a 3D breakdown diagram, freely accessible concept cars and a real-life airbag system. The ADAS and In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) system are also displayed using animations and video materials, making it possible for visitors to understand how they work and where the related components are located within the vehicles.

The three large LED pillars will display different colors and messages matching the changing seasons.

Currently, M.Tech Gallery has three zones: Future Technology, Core Technology and M.Vision. The three zones consist of nine sections which are ADAS, IVI, Electrification, M.Vision, Safety, Lamp, Steering, Brake and MOBIS PR/History. A total of 71 technologies are on display. It has been 20 years since Hyundai MOBIS decided to specialize in automobile components. The gallery is open to the public, so anyone who is interested in the latest technologies including autonomous driving and electrification can come and find out more.

Showcasing the latest achievement of Hyundai MOBIS’s leadership: Future Technology zone

In the ADAS section, you can experience Hyundai MOBIS’s autonomous technology.

The ADAS section

Hyundai MOBIS became the first South Korean company to successfully develop rear side radar in 2018. It has since developed all four types of radars with short, mid and long range. The ADAS section showcases various technologies developed by Hyundai MOBIS, such as sensors for autonomous driving, automatic emergency brake and remote smart parking assistance. The virtual driving video was created to help all visitors understand how the technologies work regardless of their knowledge in automobiles.

The Electrification section has added fun to the interior reflecting the characteristics of each technology, including the use of eco-friendly wood materials.

Electrification section

Natural wood was used for the interior of the Electrification section to emphasize the green image of the section. Various components from the electric drive system including battery system, inverter, electric motor and more futuristic hydrogen fuel cell system are all on display.

Showcasing global technology leadership: Core Technology zone

In the Safety section, you will be able to see the production version of 7-type airbags and operation processes, which are Hyundai MOBIS’s core safety technology.

Safety section

In the Safety section, air bag technologies, parts of Hyundai’s core safety technologies, are on display. Actual production versions of seven types of airbags including a Panoramic Sunroof Airbag and crash test dummies are all on display at the section. Visitors can learn the names of the different airbags and how they are deployed by viewing the corresponding videos at the kiosks.

The Lamp section displays headlamp and lighting technologies.

Lamp section

The lamp section is where intelligent headlamps such as those with communication functions are displayed. The lamps are actually controlled and an animated video tells about how they work.

The composition is changed from the previous image and text-centered exhibits so that visitors can understand and experience better from various aspects.

Steering section and Brake section

In the Steering and Braking sections, visitors can discover more about these two functions as well as about redundancy* technology for autonomous driving systems. A visual guide is provided for the chassis system showcased at the section.
*Redundancy: The duplexing of critical components or functions of a system with the intention of increasing reliability

Autonomous driving, core components and connectivity: M.Vision zone

It will be operated as a space where visitors can experience the advance technology and various achievements of Hyundai MOBIS.

M.Vision zone

M.Vision S, a green autonomous concept car which was unveiled at the CES 2020 and M. Vision, which was unveiled at the CES 2019, are both showcased in the M.Vision zone. Multiple large screen monitors installed around the cars show videos about how different features of the M.Vision cars work. Visitors can also have a hands-on experience with the infotainment system of M.Vision S and M.Vision on request.

Senior Manager Eun-jung Kim, Exhibition/Communication Team at Hyundai MOBIS
Research Engineer Gwon-suk Oh, R&D Planning and Strategy Team at Hyundai MOBIS