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Splendid Debut: Fourth-gen Carnival-on-AR


The Kia Carnival has been renewed with its powerful, sophisticated style and abundant high-tech specs. The company unveiled its new model in a creative manner, to match its revolutionary breakthrough. Here's what's changed.

Kia Motors’ fourth-gen Carnival(Sedona) features a crossover innovative style and high-tech specifications. The fourth-generation Carnival was created to become the “Connecting HUB” that connects people and cars altogether, and the company unveiled its new model in a creative manner; the launch was online, using Augmented Reality technology to deliver information more vividly. Let’s take a look at the launch show of the fourth-generation Carnival, “Carnival on AR.”

“Carnival on AR” drew attention by using AR technology for its online launch event.

The internet has changed the launch process; now automakers find it easier to unveil their new models with detailed information, using various videos to vividly elaborate the latest technologies.

The actual Carnival and the virtual Carnival were staged together.

Another advantage of a virtual product launch is that it is possible to communicate directly with consumers around the world in real-time; not only the automaker can deliver the information but also it gets to have immediate consumer responses. ‘Carnival on AR’, a launch event for the fourth-generation Carnival, however, added one more ingredient; it used AR technology that would make the audience feel as if they are looking into the window of the car themselves.

Through the concept ‘Grand Volume’, the fourth-generation Carnival has returned with a strong and refined look.

“Carnival on AR” featured both the actual and virtual fourth-generation Carnival using augmented reality, to intuitively deliver information of the vehicle. It also drew attention by showing videos from the user’s perspective. On the stage, Karim Habib, senior vice president, Kim Dae Hwan, senior manager of the domestic product management team, and Kang Seok-Il, senior manager of the domestic marketing team, introduced the design, productivity, and marketing strategies of the fourth-generation Carnival, which customers have been wondering about.

The fourth-generation Carnival emphasized horizontal elements such as chrome garnish lines connected to the air vents.

First, they began with the main design elements of the fourth-generation Carnival. They mentioned the design concept that the fourth-generation Carnival has, along with other information such as side body design that emphasizes its length, light signature connected to the radiator grille, and its descendent, the ‘Tiger nose.’ For the interior design, the crashpad was the key element that emphasizes its size, based on the horizontal line of chrome garnish connected to the air vent. The panoramic display that connects the 12.3-inch cluster and navigation system seamlessly was also a catch that makes the cabin a high-tech lounge.

The second-row Premium Relaxation Seat becomes a cozy seat with just a single button.

Next came the fourth-generation Carnival’s comfortable second- and third-row seats. The second-row Premium Relaxation Seats and bigger cargo space, which are available from the seven-seater, were the key changes in the fourth-generation Carnival. The second-row premium relaxation seat is equipped with a wide headrest and leg support that comfortably holds your body, offering you a comfortable ride. The seats also feature a heat and ventilation system to provide a more pleasant ride. It even has a single-touch relaxation mode, which adjusts the seat position with just a single button push, for enhanced passenger satisfaction.

Using augmented reality technology for better understanding, it showed a large cargo space.

For showing the third-row seats, they used an AR technology. It was to effectively show how practical the new Carnival can be. In particular, the vehicle had third-row seats that move back and forth for 380 millimeters, and it was presented with an augmented reality from various angles to enhance the viewers’ understandings. The AR display showed how to expand the cargo space by pulling the third-row seats with the strap and with the fourth-row seats folded. In addition, the customer could tell from the AR display that the height of the doorsteps for the second-row seats got 28mm lower, allowing more convenient access for small children and disabled passengers.

The AR display effectively showed the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS).

The advantage of the AR was most highlighted when they showed the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS). Smart Cruise Control (SCC), Self-controlling Lane Following Assist, Blind-Spot Collision-Avoidance Assist (BCA), and Safety Exit Assist (SEA) for preventing accidents by blocking the door when a car is approaching from behind, were all effectively unveiled through the AR display.

The AR display showed how the passengers could actually use the car.

The fourth-generation Carnival also had smart tech features for its passengers. The voice control would allow the rear passengers to operate various features such as seat heating/ventilation, air conditioning, and windows, and also share the location of the vehicle with their families in real-time. The fourth-generation Carnival houses the Smart Power Sliding Door, too. Not only can it easily open and close with a single button, but also the door opens automatically just by standing near the sliding door with a smart key in your pocket. The fourth-generation Carnival offers two trims – the Smartstream G3.5 engine and the Smartstream D2.2 engine – with three options (seven-seater, nine-seater, and 11-seater) to suit various customers’ lifestyles.

The fourth-generation Carnival will be available through various channels such as ads, exhibitions, test-driving events, and AR applications.

The last part was the marketing strategy of the fourth-generation Carnival. The fourth-generation Carnival carries out various advertising campaigns to reach out to various generations. First of all, there are three different ads – music, fishing, and games – showing a family of three, each member from all different – X, Y, and Z – generations, and their colleagues, to show various new technologies mounted on the vehicle. For example, the ‘music’ ad is about the daughter from the Z generation resolving a conflict between the father from the X generation and the mother from the Y generation. The daughter chooses to play the song remastered by Zion.T, originally from the soundtrack of the popular soap opera “Jealousy” from the 1990s. The remastered version was released on 18th this month through the music streaming service ‘Melon’.

In addition, through ‘Play AR’, the first Korean AR application for cars, viewers can experience the interior and exterior design of the fourth-generation Carnival and the core convenience features vividly. In addition, if you search for ‘Kia Carnival’ on Kakao Map, you can not only search for nearby dealerships but also book for a test drive.

The new fourth-generation Carnival houses the design, state-of-the-art features, and the new platforms, and they were all successfully showcased through its new launching event. This is why consumers are paying keen attention to the fourth-generation Carnival that offers premium utility, to make their everyday lives worthwhile.

*The AR images in this article are for the viewers’ better understandings, and may be different from the actual AR display.

*The content introduced in the article may vary depending on the specification of the car.