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The Eight Technologies that Make GV80 A True Luxury Flagship SUV


GV80, the first luxury flagship SUV of Genesis, features the eight brand-new technologies.

The “V” in the GV80 marque represents versatility that only a Genesis SUV can offer. GV80, along with GV90, represents the essence of the innovative spirit of Genesis. GV80, the first luxury flagship SUV of Genesis, houses so many attractive features. But the true power lies in its high-tech features. Here are the eight new technologies that make GV80 a true premium SUV.

1. HDA Ⅱ: The Evolution Toward Autonomous Driving

Genesis GV80 features HDA II which helps the car maintain the safety distance between the car ahead.

GV80 features the following advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), including several world-first technologies, Highway Driving Assist II (HDA II), to name one. This is for maintaining the safety distance between the car ahead in highways.

The upgraded HDA II responds to the cars trying to merge in the close distance.

The upgraded HDA II system helps assist the driver in a wider variety of situations than before. Other than the safety distance maintenance function, it also includes the lane change function – when the turn signal is used at over 60km/h, it helps to merge in congested situations. This system can also learn the driving habit for better Smart Cruise Control.

2. Road-Noise Active Noise Control: Quietness everywhere in your cockpit

RANC technology of GV 80 actively reduces the road noise.

A quiet ride is one of the top luxury-car criteria. GV80 features the world’s first application of Road-Noise Active Noise Control (RANC) technology, which dramatically reduces road noise while driving. This not only physically shuts road noises away but also actively eliminates the road noise for an even quieter cockpit.

Reducing road noise takes less time than the sound travels.

Based on the science of digital signal processing, RANC overcomes the limitations of existing noise control technologies that rely on physical technology, such as materials and body structures, to quiet the cabin. RANC generates sound waves of opposite phases in 0.002 seconds by analyzing road noise in real-time, dramatically reducing irregular, simultaneous road noise.

3. 14.5-inch Infotainment Display: A high-tech gadget in your cockpit

GV80 features a 14.5-inch wide display.

The width of the interior of GV80 was emphasized through the design of sleek, thin air vents that run across the passenger compartment. A 14.5-inch, split-screen infotainment display sits front and center atop the dashboard. The ornate center control unit on the center console covers an electronic, shift-by-wire transmission base with a dial-style shift. Handwriting recognition through the Genesis Integrated Controller helps users set a destination or enter phone numbers without having to operate a keyboard on the navigation screen―simply by using handwritten letters on the writing recognition control system.

4. Augmented Reality Navigation: For Better Driving Convenience

Driving on unknown roads is hard, even if you’re loaded with an all-new navigation system. But GV80 provides smarter navigation using the Augmented Reality Navigation System. The holographic AR display also incorporates ADAS features for better driving experiences.

On the screen is the holographic Augmented Reality navigation system.

All journeys in GV80 are intended to be as stress-free as possible, whether commuting to the office or embarking on a weekend trip. Augmented reality navigation utilizes virtual driving guidelines over actual driving images to help drivers recognize roads. Video taken by the front-mounted camera will be displayed on the infotainment screen, and the optimal driving path will be displayed in a virtual graphic so that the driver can drive along the route easily and accurately.

5. Voice Command: A voice recognition system with stronger Artificial Intelligence

GV 80 incorporates the Natural Language Processing system.

When it comes to the high-functioning GV80, the number of hard buttons and switches was intentionally kept to a minimum, both for aesthetic purposes and ease of use. It features Voice Command for smarter control.

GV80 features the AI ‘Kakao i’ assistant using a voice recognition system.

The GV80 driver can control the whole vehicle by just simply saying it. When the driver says, for example, “Cool down,” then the car would turn the AC on or open the window automatically. It works as your AI private assistant – whenever you want to know today’s news, weather, or the stock market. GV80 also features the KakaoTalk texting service via Genesis Connected Service App. For instance, when the driver says “Text John that I will be a little late” out loud, your GV80 automatically sends the message to the very recipient. All the features will provide safer, more convenient driving experiences.

6. Premium Climate Control: For better cabin-air purification

The premuim climate control provides a smart air-purification system.

The air quality of a luxurious cabin should be good enough. GV80 not only features an elegant interior but also superb comfort and a clean environment. The air purification system of GV80 does the magic to fight micro dust in the air.

The second and the third-row seats also feature Active air purification with dual filters.

The GV80 is equipped with an air purification system that automatically operates according to indoor air quality, through an in-vehicle fine dust sensor. Plus, the Pre Filter is installed in the engine room and high-functioning dual filters are applied to the climate control system. Active air purification with dual filters monitors the in-vehicle air quality in real-time and removes most of the odor and fine particulate matter, which maintains a clean and fresh cabin environment. For all these purposes the driver can even control the filters in the rear seats.

7. Genesis CarPay: A simple in-car payment

Genesis Carpay of GV 80 simplifies out-of-car payments at the stores such as gas stations.

Genesis CarPay, a feature unique to the South Korean market, helps to simplify out-of-car payments like refueling. It is a simple in-car payment service that allows drivers to easily pay through the navigation screen without the hassle of separately using cash or a credit card. CarPay is also accepted at drive-thru stores and parking lots.

8. Third-generation Ergo Motion Seat: High-end comfort

The third-generation Ergo Motion seats reduce fatigue by adjusting each different air cell.

The third-generation Ergo Motion seats in the front and back are bejeweling Genesis’s flagship SUV GV80 for high-quality comfort of the cabin. GV80 houses second-row VIP seats to provide the ultimate in seating comfort.

Ventilating seats and power seat switch provide limousine-level relaxation in the second-row seats.

The key factor of the third-generation Ergo Motion seat is an air support system. The active motion driver’s seat that contains seven air cells has a feature that reduces fatigue from long hours of driving. Other convenience features include a stretching mode for waist stretch. One-touch comfort control, adjustable from the front row, allows for limousine-level relaxation in the second-row seats. The seats can slide for 100mm long, and recline a maximum of 41 degrees.