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The Fruitful New Kona In Autumn

Meet the New Kona, in the middle of a mountain valley in Gangwon Province, when autumn is falling.

When we are tired of our daily routines, we need to be refreshed. Finding new hobbies on weekends or going somewhere could be a good option. But why do we love to hit the road especially when autumn comes? It’s probably because of the nature that autumn holds.

Nature becomes abundant in spring, passes through summer, bears fruit in autumn, then takes a rest in winter. Grains get harvested in autumn, and farmers finally get to rest until the next season to plant; yes, autumn is the season that makes all of us take five. The great green Baekdu Mountain range in South Korea, is now dyed scarlet red, luring everyone.

At this time of year, more and more people leave to see vividly colored autumn leaves. The mountains in this country are crowded by people who leave their busy lives behind for a second, seeking relaxation. This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which is a very rare situation, we all need to be extra careful, but that doesn’t mean we cannot even enjoy the beautiful autumn leaves this year.

Why not use our car, then, to minimize the risk of social contact? Hyundai Motor Company has just unveiled the New Kona with a new look so that we could embrace our special getaway. We could witness the true power of the New Kona while heading to a mountain valley in Gangwon Province full of beauty of fall.

The colorful autumn leaves tell us that autumn is at its peak. The countless number of red maples indeed make us lament the beauty of Mother Nature. The New Kona, our red-colored companion on this journey, also jumped into the red wave of leaves.

It’s hard to pinpoint a single shade when we think of the subtle color of autumn leaves. There are places where red and yellow consummate their colorful autumn scenery, while other places still show a hint of green from summer. The beautiful landscape painting that nature itself created is full of charms that cannot be defined in a single word – just like the New Kona, with versatile abilities.

Its agile driving performance is the first to be mentioned. It was quite easy to experience the New Kona’s driving abilities on the curvy, winding roads between the mountains in Gangwon Province. Turning corners right and left tirelessly, the New Kona was nimble enough to respond to acceleration and handling anytime the driver demands.

The New Kona’s Smartstream 1.6l Gasoline turbo engine and seven-speed DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) provided plenty of strength on the hills. The maximum output of 198 horsepower and the maximum torque of 27.0kgf·m is enough to run along the mountain path. The four-wheel-drive vehicle, which efficiently allocates the power to the front and rear wheels, was also notable.

Hyundai Smart Sense made the journey way easier not only on the highways from Seoul to Gangwon Province but also on quiet national roads. Thanks to the state-of-the-art convenience and safety features of The New Kona – which automatically manages at the set speed, distance with the vehicle on the front, and even the steering wheel – we were able to sit back and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Gangwon Province.

Ripening autumn was more enjoyable with the New Kona, driving through every corner of the mountains in Gangwon Province. Breathing in the bit of crispy cool air at the mountain peak was surely a mindblowing moment, literally; though it could be just because we were one step outside our daily lives. You only get to embrace all this when you’re in nature.

Autumn at its peak in Gangwon Province, shows you each different face from different angles. Autumn leaves at the bottom of the mountain and the view from the top were different, and as we go deeper into the autumn scenery, yet another painting was unveiled. In the middle of fall, the New Kona has given us an unforgettable memory, with its versatile abilities that no other small SUVs could achieve. Hit the road with the New Kona, and you will definitely be able to taste more vivid autumn.

Photograph. Kim Bum-Seok