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The New Santa Fe: High-Tech & Emotional Quality, The Whole Package


The New Santa Fe is more than just facelifted. Our interior and color designer reveals the details.

The 2021 Hyundai Santa Fe featured way more than anybody expected, including its color and interior design. Seon-Hwoi Moon, a designer from Hyundai Interior Design Team 2, and Jong-Geun Lee, senior designer from Hyundai Color Team, answer these questions below.

Q. Interior design has changed a lot. What was the main theme?

The new Santa Fe aims to have both premium-level emotional quality and high-tech features. The bridge-type high console that divides the driver’s seat and the passenger’s seat, gives the feeling of a luxurious vehicle. It matches well with the crash pad and door trim, making a decent premium cockpit. Also, a button-type shift-by-wire transmission proves that this is one of the Hyundai family models.

The beautifully-designed high console gives the feeling of a luxurious vehicle.

Q. Looks like the structure has changed a lot. What’s new in the new console?

Not only does the new console offers enhanced convenience but also visual stability. It looks as if it’s floating elegantly, and its ergonomic design allows the driver to put his/her arm comfortably. The button-type shift-by-wire transmission is right in the middle of the console, making it easier to access.

It took a lot to choose the right material for the high console. We used soft material to surround the console give it a comfortable and fluffy look, while we chose solid material to make it look as if the console is covered with delicately crafted stones.

Q. What are the factors you must consider when making a family-friendly concept?

A spacious cabin and cargo space would be a necessity, for starters. The new Santa Fe features additional space underneath the console. a 255mm-long tray is very useful, and the console box got bigger to 7.5 liters. Above the two cup holders is a sliding cover, which gives the console a sleek look when closed. All these make the overall design look ‘premium’ enough.

A 12.3-inch fully-digital instrument cluster(above), and a bigger, 10.25-inch touchscreen AVN system(below).

Q. Does the new Santa Fe also have high-tech features?

The most remarkable would be the 12.3-inch fully-digital instrument cluster and a 10.25-inch touchscreen Audio Video Navigation (AVN) system. They give the driver clear information through a highly effective LCD screen. On the door pocket and the side of the console are 64 Color LED Ambient Lighting, not only allowing the driver to change the vibe of the cockpit but also to look inside the door pockets.

The new Santa Fe comes with 8 different body shades, which got inspired by nature.

Q. What would be the best color to reveal the new Santa Fe the most?

The overall concept of the shades is ‘Natural Space’, which would make the passengers feel relaxed and comfortable. Among the eight shades, Glacier White, Lagoon Blue, and Tigard Brown are the brand new colors. Speaking of Glacier White, I think our customers in this country will love it, considering white is one of the most popular color choices. Lagoon Blue, which literally inspired by lagoons, gives the vehicle urban, tough looks. Tigard Brown, meanwhile, shows different hues depending on the different light it reflects.

Two-tone Camel interior – Calligraphy trim exclusive – gives the cockpit warm and luxurious looks.

Q. Interior colors look quite diverse. What are the new colors, exactly?

The new Santa Fe comes with the most interior color options in its segment. Black, two-tone dark beige, and two-tone brown are from the basic trim. Two-tone camel, two-tone khaki & light gray are from the calligraphy trim options. Two-tone brown, one of the latest options, makes the cockpit look calm and luxurious. On the other hand, the two-tone camel gives it more glamorous and warm looks. The two-tone khaki & light gray is for the young owners who want a brighter and fresh-looking cabin. Genuine leather seats, using the piping method with quilting stitches, complete the interior.

The new Santa Fe houses sophisticated design with emotional quality.

The emotional quality that the Calligraphy trim offers indeed stands out; console and lower crash pad are all finished with faux leather, and aluminum-based console gives modern and high-tech looks. Luxurious diamond quilting stitches on Napa leather seats, embroidery on the seat bolsters, high-quality window switches and wheel buttons also look exquisite. We suggest you try the Calligraphy trim and enjoy its outstanding emotional quality.