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The Story Behind: Designing The New G70 With The New Identity

With the new design identity, the new G70 features a more luxurious and dynamic style. Here’s the story behind the new G70's exterior design.

Genesis’ mid-size sports sedan, the New G70 combined with the new design identity, further enhancing its completeness. The new front and rear designs are gaining attention. Jin Yujun Kim, a senior researcher at the Genesis Design Team, talked about the major changes and features of the New G70’s exterior.

The New G70 emphasizes the design identity of the Genesis brand even harder.

Q. What is the design strategy of the Genesis brand and what does the G70 represent?

All the Genesis’ models express the brand’s design identity, ‘Atletic Elegance’, quite clearly. There are two opposite design aspects – ‘dynamic’ and ‘elegant’, and each Genesis model features its own ratio of the two. The flagship sedan G90 maximized elegance, while G80 features a perfect balance between energy and elegance. The G70, which was released in 2017, greatly emphasized being dynamic, expanding Genesis’ design spectrum toward a younger and more vibrant way. And through facelifting, the new G70 emphasized its design identity with utility. The new G70 distinguished itself from the other Genesis models while maintaining the overall brand identity, not just being a smaller version of G90 and G80. The G70 is a car showing both sides of the aspects, such as enjoying sports driving on winding roads during the day and visiting fine restaurants or hotels in the evening.

The low-slung Crest Grille evokes an aggressive stance.

Q. What is the new design concept of the new G70?

The G70 features both the luxurious feeling of Genesis and the advantages that can be appreciated in the midsize sports sedan. This is because the high-performance model of a premium brand indeed delivers bigger satisfaction to customers than they anticipated in all aspects, including design, performance, and quality. The new G70 visually manifested the dynamic feeling of athletes’ muscles. Various design changes have been made to express the tension that the energy creates; a runner at the starting point, right before the race begins, for example. And based on this, the vehicle emphasized the simple yet elegant style, rich yet sophisticated body, and dynamic character at the same time.

Blazing Red, the New G70’s signature color.

Q. The changes are noticeable in the front and rear parts. What are the main design elements?

Up front, the new G70 gains the brand’s signature double-lined Quad Lamps and the huge Crest Grille. The low-slung Crest Grille, wider than that of its predecessor, evokes an aggressive and wide stance that emphasizes the new G70’s performance character. Meanwhile, the super-thin LED Daytime Running Lights are the classic Genesis lamps; and for a stronger-looking stance, the Quad Lamps and the wheelhouse both tightly embraces the body. At the rear, Genesis’ signature Quad Lamp taillights and prominent Genesis text over the clean of the surface of the trunk lid – the signature ‘Badge’ – shows an unmistakable Genesis identity.

The new G70 gains the brand’s signature double-lined Quad Lamps.

Q. To make the New G70 look lower and longer, how did you design the dynamic-looking side body?

The G70 has a very dynamic lateral body ratio, thanks to its rear-wheel-drive platform. Viewed from the side, the new G70’s profile retains the familiar long hood and short front overhang, communicating its agility; and the New G70 has improved its design to further maximize this character. First of all, the hood starts lower than that of the predecessor, so that it looks longer and lower when viewed from the side. The Parabolic Line adds an elegant, lean touch over the muscular surfaces, from the Crest Grille through the Cowl Point.

Based on the rear-wheel-drive platform, the New G70’s body is designed to look elegant yet dynamic.

The parabolic character line applied on the front/rear fender, across the top of the wheelhouse, and a hockey stick-looking chrome window molding give the vehicle sleek yet stable looks. And the agile-looking cabin, starting from the A-pillar, ends with a solid look as it heads to the rear for a better designing effect. The fenders surrounding the wheels look rich and hard to create a sporty atmosphere. At the same time, four all-new wheel designs further enhance its presence, and a new air extractor positioned aft of the front wheel designed to optimize airflow efficiency during high-speed driving. It also delivers dynamic-looking characters while improving aerodynamics.

Fender vents relieve the turbulence around the wheelhouse at high speeds.

The horizontal ‘GENESIS’ lettering placed in the rear center actively promotes the identity of the model and the brand.

Q. The horizontal ‘GENESIS’ lettering placed in the rear is quite noticeable. Why?

As a latecomer brand entering the global luxury auto market, we needed to look bold and strong. Every Genesis vehicle actively shows the brand name on the rear for this reason. The New G70 also emphasizes the ‘GENESIS’ lettering with the simple Quad-lamps (rear lamps). It expresses the pride and sheer identity of the Genesis brand. The essential parts, such as license plates, parking sensors, reverse lights, and rear reflectors, were placed on the rear bumper to avoid distraction. This configuration, like the front, has the effect of lowering the visual center of gravity. Also, by separating the reverse lights from the Quad-lamp and placing it on the bumper, the vehicle could feature increased aesthetics with enhanced simplicity and apply the reverse lights as well. For your information, the reverse lights enlightening the road behind reduce the risk of hitting the pedestrians or other vehicles nearby while the vehicle is moving in reverse.

The duck tail-looking trunk lid is designed through countless aerodynamics tests and simulations for better performance and style.

Q. There are details delicately put throughout the exterior. Would you elaborate on that?

The team focused on refining details so that the exterior emphasizes luxurious sensibility and excellent driving performance of the vehicle. The voluminous hood conveys strong energy even at stationary, while the three separate air intake highlights the character of the sports sedan. Meanwhile, the duck tail-looking trunk lid is for aesthetic reasons as well as enhanced airflow. For your information, the fender vents and the trunk lid are designed through countless aerodynamics tests and simulations for better performance and style.

The low-slung radiator grille embodies the visual characteristics of a high-performance vehicle.

Q. What visual effect does the G-matrix pattern on the new G70 deliver?

The diamond-shaped G-Matrix patterns all over the Quad lamp, fender vent, wheel, seats, and buttons are indeed the unique character of Genesis. The pattern was reinterpreted then applied on the Crest grille with a mesh-type pattern, which is occasionally used for high-performance race cars. It boasts a higher air intake to the engine room, not to mention the visual effect that looks like sparkling jewelry from various angles.

The G-matrix pattern is not only used for the exterior but also for the interior, such as seats and buttons.

Q. As a designer in charge, what is your favorite design element?

The most satisfying part of the work is the front of the vehicle. The low-slung radiator grille successfully emphasizes the characteristics of high-performance cars with simple looks that Genesis pursues. It gives a sleek look just like a sports car, thanks to the Crest grille and Quad lamps perfectly arranged. I hope more people will experience the luxurious yet dynamic new G70 and share the values of the Genesis brand.

Photograph by Choi Min-Seok