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Treating Child Patients Through The ‘Little Big e-Motion’ Project


Hyundai Motor Group developed Little Big e-Motion for child patients in hospitals. Here's Hyundai Motor Group presenting its special mobility experience with a new technology that recognizes children's emotions.

Hyundai Motor Group developed Little Big e-Motion, a mobility that helps child patients in the treatment process, and released a video clip that demonstrates emotion-detecting technology. This video is about Maria, who is admitted to Barcelona Children’s Hospital in Spain, and it shows how the technology relieves her psychological stress during the treatment process and delivers joy to her. Hyundai Motor Group also introduces emotion-detecting technology and various entertainment functions applied to Little Big e-Motion based on the researchers’ innovative and caring ideas.

Little Big e-Motion with emotion-detecting vehicle control technology that helps child patients get through their treatment

The Little Big e-Motion that appears in the video was created based on the Emotion Adaptive Vehicle Control (EAVC) technology developed by Hyundai Motor Group. EAVC technology is one of the future mobility technologies that provides the optimal environment for passengers to enjoy safe and pleasant driving by measuring biosignals such as facial expressions, heart rate, and respiratory rate. In addition, EAVC technology provides an environment best suitable for the emotional and mental states of passengers by controlling the elements in the cabin that can affect our five senses.

Little Big e-Motion converts fearful treatment into a fun game

Hyundai Motor Group applied EAVC technology to Little Big e-Motion in order to help child patients, and it helps to understand the emotions of children suffering from anxiety and boredom in hospitals and to relieve negative emotions. Also, for pre-diagnosis, it provides medical staff with information on the emotional state of the patient who is about to go through the treatment, and the vehicle offers various entertainment functions to convert the treatment into a fun game.

Based on the EAVC technology, it identifies the emotional state of a child patient.

The EAVC technology presented in this video is a technology that is under development through a joint research project with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Labs, led by the Hyundai Motor Group R&D headquarters. EAVC is a next-generation technology that will be actively used in future mobility and self-driving cars and helps secure driver safety and mental stability.

The five core technologies applied to EAVC are: Facial Emotion Recognition System, Breathing Exercise Belt, Heart Rate Monitoring Sensor, Emotion Adaptive Lighting, and Emotion Adaptive Scent Dispenser. Facial Emotion Recognition System identifies a child’s emotion through a camera in front of the driver’s seat, and measures heart and respiratory rate through the sensor applied to the seat belt. In addition, there is a special seatbelt that includes breathing exercises to help child patients stabilized.

Spraying soap bubbles and fragrances entertain child patients.

Little Big e-Motion has also applied various entertainment functions for children. Emotion Adaptive Lighting applied to both inside and outside of the vehicle communicates with EAVC to change the light color, informs the surrounding medical staff of the child’s emotional state, and plays various music along with animations appearing through the display. In addition, when the child’s mood improves, soap bubbles are sprayed while moving to the treatment room, and the emotion-based fragrance spraying device produces sweet candy scent for lightening the mood as the special seatbelt that includes breathing exercise functions.

Little Big e-Motion inherited the design of the 45 EV concept that incorporates Hyundai Motor’s heritage and vision.

Little Big Emotion reminds us of a design that resembles the 45 EV concept. The 45 EV concept that Hyundai Motor Company unveiled at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show is a model that symbolizes the 45 years of Hyundai’s heritage and its vision for future mobility that began with the Pony Coupe concept introduced in 1974. Little Big e-Motion contains the unique design elements of the 45 EV concept, such as the Kinetic Pixel Lamp and the fastback style, and it has smooth corners and pastel body shade for children’s safety and taste.

Little Big e-Motion reduces the fear of child patients and helps medical staff with prediagnosis.

The Little Big e-Motion video focuses on realizing the ‘progress for humanity’ pursued by Hyundai Motor Group. Hyundai Motor Group has been conducting campaigns using new technologies since 2016, and all campaigns are meant to contribute to society beyond the development of simple means of transportation. In this video, too, the application of EAVC technology to mobility relieves the fear of child patients suffering from disease, and helps prediagnosis by helping the medical staff recognize the condition of the child patients. In addition, Hyundai Motor Group’s Little Big e-Motion will be used even after it recorded the video to support the treatment, and will be used in future driver emotion recognition system and mobility research through the collected emotion recognition data.

Hyundai Motor Group collaborated with various domestic and international research institutes and universities to develop Little Big e-Motion. The Hyundai Motor Group established the research tasks through industrial/academic cooperation with the MIT Media Lab in the U.S., and the Hyundai Motor Vehicle Performance Development Center developed EAVC technology and detailed new technologies by laying the foundation for joint research with domestic and foreign universities. In addition, Hyundai Motor Group has cooperated with SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital (SJD), the second largest children’s hospital in Europe, to coordinate detailed treatment techniques and use Little Big e-Motion in the actual treatment process. 

Collaboration not only through international institutions but also within the Hyundai Motor Group were closely carried out. The R&D Technology Strategy Office of Hyundai Motor Group led the joint research using various networks by supervising industry-university cooperative research, and the Vehicle Performance Development Center led the development of Little Big e-Motion and new technologies. In addition, the Hyundai Design Center participated in designing it based on the 45 EV concept, and the Communication Center cooperated with SJD in Spain to film the treatment process and create a campaign video. 

The Little Big e-Motion demonstrates the future technology and the possibility of next-generation mobility that Hyundai Motor Group pursues.

This video contains the benefits of future technologies and the vision of next-generation mobility that Hyundai Motor Group seeks as a ‘smart mobility solution provider’. The Little Big e-Motion in the video showed a new possibility of mobility by reducing pain and providing pleasure for patients. In addition, it has emphasized the utility of mobility that can be useful in a hospital, not just as a car for movement. In addition, it showed an opportunity to experience EAVC technology before the era of autonomous driving comes in the future.

Hyundai Motor Group plans to provide a special mobility experience through the Little Big e-Motion documentary-style video

The Little Big e-Motion video is meaningful considering that it sends a message that mobility can convey a great impression to customers as a partner in life, more than just a mode of transportation. It is a documentary video, and it was filmed after thorough quarantine in a safe and controlled environment in September, before the second pandemic of COVID-19 hit in Europe. The video is available on Hyundai Motor Group YouTube channel