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All about Kia’s HEV and PHEV System Technologies for Driving Performance and Fuel Efficiency


Kia presents the advanced technologies of hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles system that improve driving performance as well as fuel efficiency. Check out the technologies applied to Kia's hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

00:00 Intro
00:08 HEV Electric Motor
00:21 HSG(Hybrid Starter Generator)
00:30 Smartstream gasoline 1.6 turbo hybrid
00:41 Regenerative brake
00:49 HPCU(Hybrid Power Control Unit)
00:56 HEV hybrid high-voltage battery
01:13 4WD
01:21 PHEV
01:29 PHEV Electric Motor
01:38 PHEV hybrid high-voltage battery
01:56 PHEV OBC(On Board Charger)
02:03 E-Handling
02:18 e-EHA(electrically – Evasive Handling Assist)