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Brainwave Monitoring Earset: A New Mobility Technology to Prevent Accidents, ‘Hyundai Mobis m.brain’


Did you know that biometric technologies are used in our daily lives?
Take for example the latest vehicle healthcare technology from Hyundai Mobis, m.brain.
It utilizes one of the most challenging technologies, brainwave sensing, to help us drive more safely.

m.brain is a wearable earset that measures and analyzes brain signals in real-time,
displaying the driver's level of concentration in three colors. When a driver's attention lapses, it triggers a host of warnings, including an auditory warning (in the headrest speaker),
a visual warning (via LED in front of the driver's seat), and a haptic warning (when the seat vibrates). Check out how the technology has been implemented in the public buses in Gyeonggi-do,
enhancing the safety of bus drivers and passengers alike.

00:00 Intro
00:03 What is vehicle healthcare technology?
00:32 What is Hyundai Mobis m.brain?
01:03 How Hyundai Mobis m.brain works?
01:55 Hyundai Mobis m.brain in real life – Gyeonggi-do Public Buses
02:32 How biometric technology experts see m.brain
03:20 Future mobility technology for safety and convenience