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Dear My Hero – Hyundai Motor Group Presents World’s First Hydrogen Garbage Truck


The noise, odor, and exhaust gas.

The least welcomed on road, yet the most needed vehicle in the world, garbage truck, has been reborn as a ‘hydrogen garbage truck’ to protect our dear sanitation workers.

The world's first ‘hydrogen garbage truck’ provides a better working environment for sanitation workers with lower noise, zero gas emission; moreover, it purifies the surrounding air.

Discover hydrogen garbage truck’s special feature that sanitation workers loved the most.

00:00 Intro
00:53 Sanitation workers’ difficulties
01:20 Hydrogen garbage truck mechanism
01:39 Fuel cell truck – first journey
01:48 Hydrogen truck – Noise reduction
01:56 Fuel cell electric vehicle – Zero gas emission

*This video was filmed in a safely controlled environment following safety guidelines.