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Future Technology – Car Bumper Concept ‘UTILe’ | Hyundai Mobis


The future car bumper concept from Hyundai Mobis, UTILe provides various benefits and interactive experiences to customers.
The UTILe, an integrated bumper system, increases the range of electric vehicles and enhances visual and audio communication for autonomous vehicles.
Check out more details about the four keywords that explain the concept of Mobis Future Exterior.

00:36 Future Car Bumper Concept – United
00:46 Future Car Bumper Concept – Transformed
00:55 Future Car Bumper Concept – Interactive
01:05 Future Car Bumper Concept – Lighting
01:15 Details of ‘United’ Concept
01:43 Details of ‘Transformed’ Concept
02:11 Details of ‘Interactive’ Concept
02:43 Details of ‘Lighting’ Concept
03:28 Future Car Bumper Design Process