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How to Build the IONIQ 5 – Battery Pack, E-GMP, and AGV | EV Production Film | Hyundai


Witness how the IONIQ 5 is providing the newest mobility experience through industry leading technologies like Battery Pack and E-GMP (Electric-Global Module Platform).

The battery pack of the IONIQ 5, a core component that moves electric vehicles, consists of a standard module consisting of 12 cells that form a pack. The pouch-type battery cell used for E-GMP is highly competitive in energy efficiency and manufacturing cost, and it is a standardized E-GMP-based battery system that improves energy density by 10% compared to existing electric vehicles using the same size battery, allowing for more efficient and lightweight battery system configuration.

The completed battery pack is transported through an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) that moves along the stored route, demonstrating the highly automatized production processes of the smart factory of Hyundai Motor Group.

The battery pack joins the ICCU, PE system, suspension, and drivetrain to complete the E-GMP platform, Hyundai Motor Group's EV-dedicated platform.