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How to Build the IONIQ 5 – Painting, Assembly, and Inspection | EV Production Film | Hyundai


Check out how the manufacturing of the IONIQ 5 is finished off with painting, design, and inspection.

After pressing, the panels and frame are painted, and the body is joined with the E-GMP platform. Then additional elements such as lamps, wheels, and dashboards are attached before entering the quality gate where it goes through stringent quality control on electronics like SVM (Surround View Monitor), HUD (Head Up Display), FCR (Front Corner Radar), and DSM (Digital Side Mirror), to meet the highest quality standards.

And there you have it, the IONIQ 5, the newest mobility experience that is bringing about and sustaining the future.

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00:00 Intro
00:13 Manufacturing process of electric vehicle – Pressing
00:20 Manufacturing process of electric vehicle – Painting
00:38 Manufacturing process of electric vehicle – Assembly
00:52 Intensive inspection on electronics, and quality inspection