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Hyundai Mobis – Fuel Cell Powerpack for Non-road Vehicles


Meet Hyundai Mobis' next-generation fuel cell system, "Hydrogen fuel cell powerpack" that combines hydrogen fuel cell and power pack technology.

The hydrogen fuel cell powerpack (30 kW and 50 kW) is a generator that generates electricity by itself, and this system has integrated a fuel cell stack, a high-voltage battery, a hydrogen tank, and a cooling system.

Check out Hyundai Mobis' next-generation fuel cell system throughout the markets of various construction machinery, special equipment, and industrial vehicle.

00:00 Intro
00:09 The functional principle of hydrogen fuel cell
00:13 The world’s first mass production of fuel cell system
00:20 The world’s first development of hydrogen fuel cell powerpack for forklift and excavators
00:37 70kW hydrogen fuel cell system
00:46 50kW hydrogen fuel cell system
00:57 Hydrogen fuel cell powerpack system
01:21 Features of construction machinery equipped with hydrogen fuel cell powerpack
01:43 Hydrogen fuel cell powerpack charging
02:03 Outro