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Hyundai Sonata sensuous – Exterior Design


The innovative and sporty design of the all-new Sonata has been reborn as the ideal, next-generation sedan with the whole new experience for you as a driver.

The sculptural grill, long hood, and sleek head lamps create a bold-sense of volume.

The lowered overall height, lengthened wheelbase, and pulled-back cowl point create a coup-like silhouette when seen from any angle.

The continuous chrome line that stretches from DRL to DLO symbolizes the collaboration of the Sonata’s success heritage with progressive technology. The single line of LED Rear Combi Lamp and the wide rear bumper give Sonata a chance to show off its high-tech design and futuristic image.

The sporty profile built on a next-generation platform and the distinctive signature lighting only found on Hyundai’s. It’s called, “Sensuous Sportiness.”

Hyundai Sonata sensuous – Prologue
Hyundai Sonata sensuous – Exterior Design
Hyundai Sonata sensuous – Performance
Hyundai Sonata sensuous – Interior
Hyundai Sonata sensuous – Safety
Hyundai Sonata sensuous – Epilogues