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IONIQ 5 Production Process | Electric Vehicle Production from Hyundai Factory | Hyundai


From paradigm changing technologies like the Power Electric System to eco-friendly paint composed of oil from natural flowers and corn.
Witness how the IONIQ 5 is providing the newest mobility experience through industry leading technologies that will both bring about and sustain the future.

[IONIQ 5 – Hyundai’s Electric Vehicle Production Process and Technology]

00:00 Intro
00:26 Electric Vehicle Production – ICCU(Integrated Charging Control Unit)
The integrated charging system newly developed by Hyundai Motor Group charges both high voltage batteries and spare batteries in a vehicle.
00:44 Electric Vehicle Production – PE System(Power Electric System)
The driving system replaces the powertrain of conventional vehicles that use an internal combustion engine. It reduces weight and improves efficiency by integrating motors, decelerators and invertors into a single unit for the EV drivetrain.
01:06 Electric Vehicle Production – Battery Pack
The battery module consists of cells featuring the industry’s highest-level energy density. Battery packs are categorized as Standard and Long-range based on the number of embedded battery modules.
01:38 Electric Vehicle Production – AGV(Automated Guided Vehicle)
AGV is a load carrier that travels autonomously using mobile communication technology and collision avoidance sensors. This smart factory system not only increases overall productivity, but also improves the working environment, safety, and plant optimization and streamlines product quality control.
01:45 Electric Vehicle Production – E-GMP (Electric-Global Modular Platform) for next-generation EVs
02:43 Electric Vehicle Production – Intensive Inspection System
The Intensive Inspection System checks and corrects the functions of cameras and radar sensors, including surround view monitors(SVM), head-up displays(HUD), front corner radars and digital side mirrors, to ensure the reliability of products.
03:09 Electric Vehicle Production – IONIQ 5 Wind Tunnel Test
Wind tunnel test were conducted for an extended period of time to optimize the aerodynamic performance of IONQ 5
03:15 Electric Vehicle Production – IONIQ 5 Crash Test
As part of efforts to protect passengers, IONIQ 5 employed a front-end crash structure that absorbs and distributes the impact of a collision, minimizing the cabin deformation in a frontal crash