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The History of Hyundai Motorsport | Beyond the Champion: Ep.1


In 2014, Hyundai Motorsport was ready for a new beginning, a fresh start.

Haunted by a challenging past, Hyundai managed to pave its way into Motorsport again, only this time, using its own technology. While many considered that unthinkable, the collective team effort made what seemed like an impossible challenge a reality.

This is the story of how Hyundai Motorsport rose from the ashes to claim its own seat among the leaders.

00:00 Shortcuts
00:10 Intro
01:53 History of Hyundai Motorsport in WRC
02:09 Monte Carlo Rally, WRC 2014
03:27 Priceless learnings
08:38 Mexico Rally, WRC 2014
09:56 Germany Rally, WRC 2014
13:46 The first WRC victory in Hyundai Motorsport’s history